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Hi, I’m Patrick Kenney.

My team and I help clients, customers, and students turn advertising into profit through smart (and proven) advertising strategies and intelligent results amplification technologies. 

Below are ways we can help. 

Here's What Clients and Students Say About My Stuff

Anne wadsworth

Owner of Bagel Grove

Avi rasowsky

Real Estate Investor

melanie warren

Direct Response Copywriter

jim shoukas


"...we could not be happier with the results..."

"I started working with Patrick a few months ago and have already seen an increase in my referrals as well as a big increase in my online rankings."

Cole rodger

School of Man

"...Patrick Kenney and his team are some serious bada**es.."

"That's why I partnered with Patrick and I recommend you to do the same thing. I can't say enough good things about the man..."

Michelle taransenko

Black and White Media

"...I would consider myself an advanced marketer, but Patrick has been able to add an entirely new perspective.."

"Patrick is very much about empowering you to be authentic to your goals and conveying that in your business. I think that's something that has made him a complete stand out. I'm privileged to have worked with him."

Carl Neidholdt

Crossfit Cerberis

"I have a constant stream of new clients."

Great business to work with. Patrick is very helpful and knowledgeable. I have a constant stream of new clients.

DR. mike sullivan


Patrick has been very helpful with my new business...

Patrick has been very helpful with my new business. He has helped with my visibility on google. If someone is looking for similar results i would recommend him.

Dr. niki christopoulos

Plastic Surgeon

Would highly recommend!

I cannot say enough great things about Patrick and his group. They have done a great job with my website, ad campaign, and have significantly improved my company's website and online presence. They are efficient, organized and I have already recommended them to several colleagues. Would highly recommend! 

About Patrick Kenney (Me)

After working as a web development consultant for over a decade, I discovered two problems:

  • Business owners with great services and ideas struggle to connect with ideal customers and clients effectively.
  • Unqualified marketers are taking advantage of business owners through outright fraud and outdated tactics. 

So, I created Tech Guys Fix Marketing, LLC . This is the only place where freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners can get no fluff, no BS traffic strategies and tracking systems that just plain work!