That's how many searches hit Google every SECOND! 😳

And among those 47,000 are customers searching for your products and services.

That's why I've put together this quick video tutorial of a simple yet effective Google Ads campaign you can roll out in just a few minutes.

If you serve your local community, you'll want to implement this today. No opt in required.

Meet Patrick Kenney

Dear Friend,

My name is Patrick Kenney and I'm glad you're here.

It is my true calling to serve you and your business with my skills and talents building automated customer acquisition systems.

With my background in Computer Science paired with my fascination of human psychology, my team and I approach marketing pragmatically and systematically. This results in incredible marketing experiences for your customers, drawing those ideal prospects to your products and services like flies to honey. 

We consistently transform underperforming advertising into "you're in my head" lead and sales generating machines using our proprietary Open Mind Method. 

Now, I'm not one to name drop, but since this is the first time you're here I'd like to take a quick moment to point out some important connections. IBM, Lexmark, NYU and the LA Times are just a few big names that have benefited from my skills and expertise along with 100s of now thriving small and medium businesses. 

So if you'd like more leads and sales, let's have a quick chat. If you're just looking for consistency and predictability, let's have a chat. 

To your success,