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Anne wadsworth

Owner of Bagel Grove

Avi rasowsky

Real Estate Investor

melanie warren

Direct Response Copywriter

Get Cutting Edge, Actionable Content Every Month That Won't Cost You Thousands of $$ and Countless Hours to Absorb

Here's what you'll get access to each and every month. 


A New Swipe and Deploy Campaign

Take the guess work out of what's working with these swipe and deploy campaigns. Every S&D campaign has been battle tested and proven before sharing. 


Video Ad Script That Convert

Don't know what to say? Use these scripts to create a high converting video ad fast. 


Insightful Tactics and Strategies

Google's Ad network complex and vast. Get a professional shortcut to success with valuable, in the trenches insight. Learn the elements that matter to your business and offers without having to get a PHD in Google.


Live Critiques and Workshops

As a member, you'll get access to live critiques and workshops each month. New workshop trainings will be created live with Q&A time at the end, so you can get my help live. 

About Patrick Kenney (Me)

After working as a web development consultant for over a decade, I discovered two problems:

  • Business owners with great services and ideas struggle to connect with ideal customers and clients effectively.
  • Unqualified marketers are taking advantage of business owners through outright fraud and outdated tactics. 

So, I created Get You Booked. This is the only place where freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners can get expert video marketing help so they can crack Google's advertising code to get clients and customers - PROFITABLY!

Need More Proof This Stuff Works?

Here are testimonials from other happy clients and customers who've benefited from the strategies and tactics you'll learn as a Get You Booked "Sprints" subscriber.

Carl Neidholdt

Crossfit Cerberis

"I have a constant stream of new clients."

Great business to work with. Patrick is very helpful and knowledgeable. I have a constant stream of new clients.

DR. mike sullivan


Patrick has been very helpful with my new business...

Patrick has been very helpful with my new business. He has helped with my visibility on google. If someone is looking for similar results i would recommend him.

Dr. niki christopoulos

Plastic Surgeon

Would highly recommend!

I cannot say enough great things about Patrick and his group. They have done a great job with my website, ad campaign, and have significantly improved my company's website and online presence. They are efficient, organized and I have already recommended them to several colleagues. Would highly recommend! 

It's The Closest Thing to Depositing Free Cash Into Your Bank Account Every Month

Look, I've been in this business a long time.

And I've found there are only two kinds of people. Those who are good at taking action and those who are good at making excuses. 

You can't be both. 

If you're the one making excuses...I hate to say it, but I think you're going to have a really hard time growing your business and increasing sales.

The good news is that you get to choose.

In this moment, you can choose which type of person you're going to be.

Don't be someone who makes excuses, be that someone who sees the massive opportunity in front of you and grabs it!

The way I see it, you've got two choices.

Your first option is to do nothing and not jump on this insane opportunity (which is 100% risk free).

Your second option is to bite the bullet, make the tiny investment and give it a shot.

See if it'll work for you. If it doesn't - for whatever reason - you get your money back.

There's no risk.

You have nothing to lose but the stress and headaches when you try to figure this out on your own. 

The ad spend you'd waste trying to figure this out on your own will more than pay for your subscription.

Now You Have to Make a Choice

 Get You booked "sprints" details

New, Easy to Follow, Quick to Implement Trainings Every Month

$99/mo OR $999/yr with BONUSES

  • 24/7 Digital Access
  • Immediate Access After Signup
  • Access to All Past Trainings
  • Swipe and Deploy Campaigns
  • ANNUAL SUBSCRIBER BONUS: One 30 minute private coaching call ($250 Value)
  • ANNUAL SUBSCRIBER BONUS:  FREE Access to the Fully Booked Method Course ($497 Value)


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Join Sprints today and try it out for an entire month, risk free. If in 30 days you don't feel the value in the trainings is more than the subscription...simply email the address on your receipt and request your "no questions asked" refund!

There really is no reason not to try it!

Still Mulling it Over? 

Maybe more testimonials would help? Here ya go.

jim shoukas


"...we could not be happier with the results..."

"I started working with Patrick a few months ago and have already seen an increase in my referrals as well as a big increase in my online rankings."

Cole rodger

School of Man

"...Patrick Kenney and his team are some serious bada**es.."

"That's why I partnered with Patrick and I recommend you to do the same thing. I can't say enough good things about the man..."

Michelle taransenko

Black and White Media

"...I would consider myself an advanced marketer, but Patrick has been able to add an entirely new perspective.."

"Patrick is very much about empowering you to be authentic to your goals and conveying that in your business. I think that's something that has made him a complete stand out. I'm privileged to have worked with him."

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