December 29, 2023

1 – Google Search Advertising

As of this writing, Google receives over 63,000 searches per second. These are customers looks for products, services, solutions, and answers to questions.

Place an ad on Google for keywords your customers search for.

2 – Verified Calls

Phone calls to a business are 10X more valuable than an email lead. Run a Google Verified Call ad to get customers calling your business minutes from now.

3. Gmail Advertising

1 Billion people login to Gmail every day. Think some of your customers are using Gmail?

Place a relevant ad with offer in Gmail to get customers coming to your site 24/7.

For brick and mortar business with open hours, you can easily set the hours your ads show during any given day.

4. “Boomerang” Advertising

It’s easier than ever to get distracted when we’re making a purchase or trying to signup for an appointment or buy a service. Remarketing puts your ads back in front of visitors who’ve consumed your video content, visited a checkout page but didn’t buy or read content on your site.

Recapture lost visitors with Google’s RLSA and remarketing options.

5. Banner Advertising

Display Banners reach over 90% of internet users. It’s easier than ever to place a banner ad (or as I call them, digital billboard).

Using Google’s Display Network options, you can place a well designed “digital billboard” in front of your customers at the exact moment they are most likely to be interested in your products and services.

6. Google Maps Listings

Google My Business is an amazing tool for local businesses. Setup a free account then link it to your Google Ads account to reveal your location info in search ads and in Google Maps.

Implementing just one of these advertising options can transform your business. Trust me, we work exclusively with Google Ads and see it happen all the time with clients.

And if you’d like help implementing this in your business, we’d love to have a quick chat to see how we can help.

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