December 29, 2023

I had a client a few years ago who was an up and coming plastic surgeon in a major U.S. city. He was already doing 5 figures in profits in his side gig when we started working together. Being a full-time surgeon for a corporate run hospital meant his time was limited.

Fast forward 90 days later and profits from his side gig were up over 1,300% and he was waving bye bye to the corp gig. Hello private practice and a better life!

The way we pulled off this incredible 13X increase in 90 days came down one, simple practice. The ever elusive and oft overlooked practice of creating desire-based offers.

Interesting Offers vs. Desired Offers

Discerning interesting offers from desired offers can be challenging when you’re so close to a product or service. We quickly become nose blind to the benefits of our products and services. When asked about the thing we are promoting, “techno babble” takes over and we’ve lost the prospect to overwhelm and lack of understanding. Being a tech geek myself, I have been very deliberate about staying out of the technical explanations. It can be challenging.

Let me give you some examples to kick things off.
Gym prospects find Crossfit interesting, but desire to look great naked or lose 10 pounds.

Car mechanic clients find a tune up or brake service offer interesting, but desire a reliable vehicle to commute to work or vacation.

E-Commerce prospects find your product interesting, but desire the outcome or status they achieve or gain from it.

Agency clients may find PPC (Pay-per-click) management packages interesting but only care about an increase in sales and profits.

PPC – interesting; Increased Sales – desired

In the case of my doc client, we dialed in on two highly desired surgical services; the Brazilian butt lift and the mommy makeover. Big money makers and plenty of moms in his city want them.

His client’s competition was advertising the typical BS like “Best Surgeon”, “30 Years of Experience”, “Most Trusted…”, etc. We simply came in with a better offer….a DESIRE based offer.

Most prospects of plastic surgery see an ad and think “I’d be interested in having this or that enhanced, etc.”. Desire-based offers like “Take 10 years off your hips, guaranteed.”, “Youth rejuvenation so effective and natural look they’ll only find out if you tell them.” get prospects off their butts saying “I want that!”

THAT is the difference between desire offers and interest offers.
So, the question is….do you have a desire based offer or an interest based offer?

Exercise: Write down at least 10 outcomes or results your product or service can give your customers. Next, use the framework below to write a desire based offer.

For just [price of thing], [product or service] will give/provide you with [desired outcome].

Congratulations, you now have a desire based offer.

Talk soon,

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