December 29, 2023

The number one complaint I hear from local business owners is “If I could just get in front of my ideal customers I know they’d want to do business with me.”

Well, here’s one quick and easy way to get in front of more ideal customers.

1. Setup and Optimize Your Facebook for Business Page

  • Create a Facebook Page – To reach your customers on Facebook, you need a Facebook page!

If you don’t already have a page, simply visit this link

If you do, skip to the next section on Completing Page Info. 

Choose the options that fit your business (Local Business is likely the preferred choice of your practice), fill out every form field with your business info.

Voila! You now have a business page on Facebook!

  • Complete Page Info – Now, if you already have a page on Facebook, we want to make sure everything is filled out. Navigate to your page and select the ‘About’ section. It should be a tab on your business page. 

Next, visit the Page Info section on the ‘About’ tab. Fill out every field in the Page info section. Leave nothing on default or blank. Facebook rewards businesses that take the time to fill out every field on this page. 

**Setup Services – This is the most important section for local businesses on Facebook, and almost no one uses it. On the main page, you should see a ‘Services’ tab. If not, click on the More section and drop down to ‘Manage Tabs’. 

Here you’ll fill out a service entry for each service you offer. Take the time to fill out a service name, complete description and include a photo. Price can be left blank if you’d like, but don’t miss description and photo. This is VERY important. 

Once you have services entered, visit your Facebook page and you will now see the services showcased on your timeline. This will dramatically increase the visibility of services to your fans. 

  • Verify Page – Verifying your page is simple, takes just a couple of minutes, and is extremely powerful. You will now be listed in Facebook’s local business directory for your city.

On your Facebook business page, click on ‘Settings’ at the top of the page. 

Now click on ‘Page Verification’, then click ‘Verify this Page’.

You will then be prompted on how to verify your page. Follow the instructions and you should be verified immediately. 

**** Once verified, you will experience a huge bump in rankings for local businesses in Facebook’s local business directory. Try searching for your service here You should easily show up on the first page now. 

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