December 29, 2023

Setup and Optimize Your Google ‘My Business’ Page

  • Create a Google+ Page – To reach your customers on Google local (also called Google Maps), you need a Google My Business page!

If you don’t already have a page simply visit this link

If you do, skip to the next section on ‘Completing Page Info’. 

Choose the options that fit your business (Local Business is likely the preferred choice of your practice), fill out every form field with your business info.

Voila! You now have a Google My Business page!

  • Completing Page Info – Now, if you already have a Google My Business page, we want to make sure everything is filled out. Navigate to your page and click on ‘Manage this page’. It should be a blue button at the top of your Google+ page.

Next, click ‘Edit’ on the following page. 

 On the page that follows, fill out every field with the same information used on your Facebook page. If it’s not exact, that’s fine, just try to get the info to match as close as you can. Leave nothing default or blank. Google ranks complete business pages over pages missing fields.

  • Optimize Pictures – **IMPORTANT – Navigate to the ‘Photos’ tab at the top of your ‘Edit’ view.

Next, upload at least 3 photos for each section. Again, Google rewards listings with complete profiles.  

  • Link to Website – Last, and certainly not least, have your webmaster add a link to your Google+ profile on your website. Google loves to rank local businesses who link to and from Google My Business listings.
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