December 29, 2023

Creating and running Facebook Ads for your business can seem overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Plus, plenty of so called “agencies” would have you stay in the dark so they can keep charging high fees.

In this video, I show you a simple and effective strategy you can use right now to launch year’s worth of successful Facebook Advertising on as little as $5 per day.

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In the episode:

00:25 – What You Need to Start
01:59 – Who This Is For (And who it isn’t)
02:42 – The Video
03:43 – The Offer
04:48 – The Campaign
05:34 – The Adsets
06:18 –  The Layout



Patrick: Hey everybody, Patrick Kenney here and in this video, I want to show you 7 Minute Ad System, and how to set up 12 Months of Facebook Advertising in just 7 Minutes. So, I’ll dive right in. What you need before you start building this out is, number one we’re going to need a video of your business with someone credible telling new people what it’s like to come in for the first time. So I work primarily with fitness businesses, but this works for any brick and mortar. If you have an iPhone video or you have a produced video of somebody introducing what it’s like to come in and experience your business, that is ideal to start for this type of campaign.

The Clay With Which We Mold

Patrick: Then we’re going to need a first time offer for the ad. This is something that’s going to be an evergreen first time offer in most cases. So if you always have a free class, in the case of fitness, or you always have a free week for new people, or a low-ticket invite, this is going to be the offer, okay? So that’s going to be a 12 month, always available to new people type of offer. That’s what I recommend.

Patrick: Then we’re going to need one ad for each month of the year, if you want to run a holiday for each month. So if you want to do a holiday ad for each month, you can do one for that. Or if you want to run one for each specific holiday, there are lots of holidays you can run ads. So for as many as you want, or you can run spans of two months at a time. So I recommend you have those.

Patrick: You’re going to need one evergreen ad to run all the time. That’s going to be the, come on in, check us out kind of thing.

Patrick: And then I’ve got a couple of optional things here. Landing page software to help you collect leads when they come in. And then an email responder series, or email responder service that you can use to nurture those leads into customers.

Patrick: So, for a set of resources, I’ve got a resource guide on You can check out some recommended service providers and software that will help your business with this.

Patrick: So let’s dive in real quick and see who this is for. All right? This is for local businesses, gyms, karate studios, yoga studios, personal studios, et cetera. Anyone who would benefit from having a billboard on a local highway or street, okay?

Patrick: So who this is not for, multilevel marketers, spammers, lazy people, and I’d like to say, the get rich quick gym owners who don’t care about the long-term prognosis, or the long-term experience of customers. Because I’ve had some people that just want to do a cash grab and don’t care about the results of their customers, okay? If that’s you, that’s fine if that’s how you want to run your business. But I only want to work with people who really want to take care of their customers and help them get great results.

The Ads

Patrick: Okay, with that out of the way, let’s dig into the video and what the best video looks like for this. So you want to make it engaging. You want to tell people what to expect in it. You want to be energetic, but not annoying. You want to invite prospects to call or come in, and be genuine, okay? So this is an example of a client who’s an Orange Theory franchise in Flemington, New Jersey. It’s a very simple, but effective ad. We’ve got the head trainer here showing the interior of the facility and then there’s an offer for them to download a free VIP. And this is a holiday, or date-specific ad because it mentions getting ready for the beach, okay? So this is just an example.

Patrick: An evergreen version of this would be, it’s time to try Orange Theory. Come in and see what the Orange Effect is all about. Watch the video for a quick tour of Orange Theory, then request your free VIP pass to try us for free. That would be an example of an evergreen version of this, okay?

The Offer

Patrick: So we’re going to use the same video for all of these ads, okay? And I’ll get into that here in a second. So, then you’re going to need an offer. This is where you’re going to create a low ticket or free element. So, you could do a $1 workout, or 7 Days for $7, or free class, or free week. Whatever your offer is, you’re going to need to create that, and it’s going to be an evergreen, year round type of offer. Unless you want to deviate specifically for holidays, you can. But it’s easier if you have the same intro offer for customers all the time, in this campaign, okay?

Patrick: So you want to try to be different than your competitors. So if everyone’s giving away free classes, you obviously want to change that up. And any time that you can add a bonus to your ad, that would be ideal. So, you know something that says, when you come in you’ll get a free t-shirt, or water bottle, or whatever, just for trying out a workout, in the example of a gym, okay?

Patrick: Restate the benefits of your product or service in the ad, and then be locally relevant and holiday relevant when possible. So if you’re in Kentucky, like I am, you can mention Big Blue Nation and Christmas, that is hyper-relevant. That just improves the responsiveness of the ad.

The Campaign

Patrick: Now for the campaign itself, so there are a plethora of options in Facebook. A lot of people like to sell the mystery of Facebook. So we’re going to keep this very, very simple, and we’re going to create a campaign using the objective of reach. Now for local fitness facilities I recommend doing the frequency of your ad to display once every two days. That means somebody’s going to see your ad in their feed once every two days, regardless if they click on it or not. Or watch the video or not. So it’s the equivalent of a digital billboard. And you can set your spend to as little as $5 per day. You can go up to 10, 15, 20 however much you want. I don’t recommend starting over 20, and obviously you can’t start any lower than 5, okay?

The Ad Sets

Patrick: Now for the ad sets, these go inside of a campaign. So I recommend creating one evergreen ad set that’s going to run all the time. You could keep that at $5 a day, and then you create one ad set for each holiday window that you choose. So if you’re going to do 12 different months, and have an ad specific to all of those, go ahead and create those in advance. Create those ads in advance, and then your audience is obviously going to be the same across all those, because you should have a target market. So if you’re going to target guys that are 50, that’s going to be your target audience. It’s going to be the same for all the ad sets. Then you can go ahead and deploy these all out, because you have all of your ad sets. You can have one campaign, multiple ad sets with one ad in each ad set.

“So that sounds like a lot. It’s actually pretty easy.”

Patrick: So that sounds like a lot. It’s actually pretty easy. Let me just show you what the layout looks like. So this is your campaign here, with an objective of reach. Then you’re going to have an ad set that’s going to have $5 a day in this example. You’re going to run it every day, it’s going to be $5 a day, and it’s going to have the evergreen ad that has the video intro. It’s going to say, “Come in and check us out. Here’s what it’s like to be a customer.” Kind of thing.

Patrick: Then you’re going to, for each holiday that you decide, you’re going to have an ad set. So you might have for Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, and then New Year’s. You might have different ad sets for those, and the ad is going to be a variation of the evergreen ad but mention a January, you know read it like, “It’s January!” Or in this case, “For Thanksgiving, it’s the Turkey Trot. Beat the tryptophan from eating too much turkey and come work out, and try us out for free.” You know, “It’s the Christmas rush, beat the January rush.” These are just examples, okay? So this is what the layout looks like.

Patrick: So I’m going to cut this video off. I wanted to keep it nice and short for you. That is the 7 Minute Ad System. So, if you want to get the slides for this video, go ahead and opt in on this page, or on this ad, and I will shoot the slides over to you, and you can get this set up in your business. So, hope you enjoyed the training. I will see you in another video.


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